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Joe is an experienced manufacturing operations and operational excellence professional. His business experience covers a broad range of senior management, engineering, manufacturing and quality systems from heavy steel fabrication and welding in the nuclear industry to light to medium high volume manufacturing in the fluid power industry, and design quality in manufacturing in the medical device manufacturing industry. He has extensive experience in the use of ERP, MES, and MRPII systems, CAD/CAM and Finite Element Analysis systems on both main frames and personal computers. Joe's Quality systems experience in such areas as 10CFR50 App. B, MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858A, ANSI/ASQC Q9000 and ISO-9000 is also quite extensive.

  • Performed a manufacturing consolidation assessment for a major supplier of lead-acid batteries. Examined 5 separate manufacturing operations as well as corporate wide production analysis to determine if additional consolidation was appropriate and capture the estimated cost to reduce their operations from 5 plants to 4. This included a detailed assessment of competitive costs to produce with their major competitor's plants.

  • Led the Engineering/Manufacturing and Production Operations transition teams for the merger and integration of two international companies (a $4 billion and a $3 billion supplier) in the packaged gas industry.

  • Designed and led the implementation of a shop floor JIT manufacturing system for a major supplier of medical implant devices. Subsequent savings reduced manufacturing lead times by over 80% and reduced WIP inventory by 70%. This project covered all aspects of the system design and implementation of the first pilot cell and subsequent cells encompassing over 50% of production including change management issues, communication plan and leadership coaching as well as the technical factors involved in the move from discrete manufacturing in a compartmentalized plant to a JIT product cell.

  • Designed and led the implementation of a quality management system that succeeded in a first time unconditional registration to ISO 9001 within 15 months. This system included a completely paperless document management system with now over 100,000 quality documents and a completely new gauge calibration system and laboratory.

  • Completed a significant computerization project for the engineering division of a manufacturing company. This included: migrating from a mainframe based CADAM system to a PC based CAD system, the first license issued for Micro CADAM, creating a distributed CAD network on a RISC based mini-computer, introducing Finite Element Analysis on a PC running MSC-Pal2, creating a computerized inventory management system for a $600,000+ tool room system including bar codes, and created an Artificial Intelligence design assistance program for the Engineering Designers.

  • As Design Manager, managed an engineering design and quality management system for an ASME "N" stamp design organization designing and fabricating nuclear power plant containment vessel access penetrations.

  • Designed and implemented a MIL-I- 45208 and later a MIL-Q-9858A quality management system at a mid-sized manufacturing organization.

  • Was instrumental in two different MRPII implementations, one of which went to Class "A" rating within 15 months, including visioning, designing, and implementing a custom AI Bill of Material generator to handle on line configuration of over 11.5 million BOM's.

  • Introduced reliability engineering techniques to the design process of a mid-sized manufacturing company. This significantly reduced the time to market for new products by reducing the actual test time required to validate the design.

  • Introduced management systems into the engineering design, custom design and new product introduction process that improved Engineering Quality by 86% and backlog by 300% in the first year.

  • Designed and worked with a major pipeline operations company to build an assessment system to define and demonstrate competency of over 850 technicians and operators of the pipeline.

  • Led the reengineering of the regulatory affairs division of a $7 billion pharmaceutical manufacturer to significantly reduce the time to prepare the New Drug Application for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (a 200,000+-page document.).

Joe earned his Masters of Science degree from Northern Illinois University, is a Registered Professional Engineer, a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 30 years of manufacturing operations management experience, a former Baldrige Examiner, former Chief Judge, Chairman of the Panel of Judges for Illinois' Lincoln Award, and a qualified lead assessor for ISO 9000. He is a Senior Member of ASQ and a Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Joe has published several papers in the area of design, analysis and quality management for the military, National Conference on Fluid Power, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and ASQ Annual Quality Congress.

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